Pilot year: Open lecture: Matt Cottam

Wednesday, 10th June 2009 4-5pm in A206

What is a switch? Is there a place for the Army at an art school? How do physical and ubiquitous computing fit in the industrial design curriculum? Is interaction design just 21st Century industrial design? Can designers and engineers play nicely? And what do high altitude and disaster medicine have to do with any of this? In a fast-paced and highly visual presentation, Matt Cottam will discuss these ideas and others, sharing work from his professional practice as a designer and medic, and drawing from experiences as student and teacher.

More info: http://ciid.dkds.dk/events/open-lecture-matt-cottam

The Interaction Design Pilot Year is realised in cooperation between CIID and The Danish Design School. The goal is that students, teachers and employees cooperate on the creation of a new type of eduction in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. The pilot year is expected to show new interesting and ambitious projects and to create a new centre for design, technology and innovation. Read more about the Pilot year at www.ciid.dkds.dk

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